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owlific icons & others

mini owl
24 June

this is a icon & others graphics journal.

icons by smilles

//this is an entirely public journal. you may friend it if you want to, there is no need to ask! icons made here will be of various fandoms, like tv shows, movies, mangas or animes. Occasionally, you will find brushes, textures and gradients. Check the memories for nicely organized past entries (icons, textures, etc...).

if you want to link owlicon!, right click your mouse button and save one of the banners below:

and link to http://www.livejournal.com/users/owlicon


//comment to let me know which icon(s) you are taking.
//credit in the icon keywords or comments to.
//do not hotlink. serious.
//do not edit.
//read the FAQ before asking a question.

//comment when you download any of my brushes, textures, and others.
//credit please.


read the rules first!

q: do you take requests?
a: nope.
q: do you make layouts?
a: no.
q: what tools do you use?
a: Adobe Photoshop CS. And, of course, my resources

( ... )

want to affliate? Comment here.

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